Mountain biking! Radon ZR Race 6.0 (2012)

After lusting after a proper mountain biking for more than a year, I could resist no longer and bought myself a second hand Radon ZR Race 6.0 (2012 model). The bike is light and the specs are top-notch for the price.

Fox Evolution 32 Float RL 100

SRAM X9 Trigger

Front derailleur:

Rear derailleur:

Formula RX

The bike came with flat pedals and Continental Race King 2.0 Supersonic tires.

Radon ZR Race 6 2012 with Continental Race King


The Race Kings are fast and pretty good all-in-all but I want better grip and a more comfortable ride so I swapped the tires to Continental Trail King 2.2 Racesport (front) and Continental Mountain King 2.2 Racesport (back). I also changed the flat pedals to Shimano XT M780 XC Race SPD MTB clipless pedals. This setup feels great for the root- and rock-filled trails of Finland. The tires work great off-road and roll surprisingly effortlessly on the asphalt as well.

Radon ZR Race 6 2012


I bought the bike second hand so the cassette and chain rings are due to be replaced. I will most likely convert from 3×10 to 1×10 because I hardly ever need the granny or the big chain ring. More about that later.